Booflis Closet


Carol Fulton

390 So. Hunts Meadow Rd

Whitefield, Maine


Etsy store

I learned the love of fabric from my Grandmother when I was very little. By high school I was making many of my own clothes as well as some for my Mom. At Easter we often dressed alike. I made most of my daughter’s clothes as well- even into high school! Off and on during my teaching career I sewed for fellow teachers.

I earned a fashion merchandising degree and was a color consultant for over 10 years. I wanted everyone to look their best. Then in 1999 I discovered porcelain doll making. I made so many dolls I started selling them at craft shows; but for me the best part of doll making was costuming. Fellow doll makers often asked me to create clothing for their dolls. I have even recreated wedding dresses for look-a-like dolls. I stopped making dolls when my husband passed away; but still had clothing. I took a year off to take care of my new grandson and regroup. Since then I continue to do craft shows with my doll clothing and accessories. I only make one-of-a-kind outfits, so my customers find new clothing each year.

I believe in giving back because God has given me so much. At Christmas time, I refurbish used dolls, re-clothe them, then give them away to little girls that do not have a doll and would like one.



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